10th Annual Giants of Justice Breakfast




Please join us as we honor our 2013 Giants of Justice: Rev. Dr. Jerry Campbell, Vivian Roth Stein, Rev. Jerry Stinson, and Christian Torres.

For years, CLUE-LA has celebrated the power of individuals to elevate all of humanity through their spirit of compassion, wisdom, and vision.  These “Giants of Justice” provide a Moral Compass for the rest of us, inspiring us to create a compassionate society together. We have honored many tremendous leaders over the years. Join us honoring these Giants of Justice and supporting the work of CLUE-LA.

We also have the pleasure of hearing from a local labor champion, President LaphonzImagea Butler of SEIU ULTCW, who will be our keynote speaker at our 2013 Giants Breakfast.



There are many opportunities to show your support of our work and to honor this year’s Giants of Justice.  Please celebrate these leaders and CLUE’s mission to “educate, organize, and mobilize the faith community to walk with workers and their families in their struggle for good jobs and dignity in the workplace”.

CLUE-LA’s Giants of Justice is brought to you in collaboration withIWJ


If unable to attend Giants of Justice, please consider a one-time donation of any amount to CLUE-LA.  Donate online or donate by mail to:   

 CLUE-LA:  464 Lucas Ave, Suite 202 Los Angeles, CA 90017


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