ACTION ALERT! Support the Workers of Hollywood Park Casino!








ImageThis beautiful, iconic picture is what comes to mind when people think of Hollywood Park Casino. Sadly, the recent story of the casino is anything but beautiful. On March 4, 2013, the scene was filled with grief, strife, and uncertainty as 600 workers lost their jobs. Many of these workers had been there since the Casino first opened. Now they were being cut loose with little warning. Clergy met with the workers and heard the fear in their voices as they asked, ” How will I continue to pay my son’s tuition?” “How will I afford my mortgage?”

Why did this all happen? A new operator, Eric Swallow, took over the Casino and broke an existing union contract. He quickly and quietly hired a new staff while firing majority of the existing one. He has had closed door, intimidating meetings with new workers, strongly discouraging them from unionizing. Many have come to believe that he is fundamentally opposed to paying a living wage or allowing workers to have a voice on the job.

The time is NOW!!

CLUE-LA clergy, lay leaders, and community supporters have spoken up in outrage. As long as workers at Hollywood Park Casino are fighting for justice, CLUE-LA fights in solidarity as well.

Picket with us!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


contact Gabriella Rosco at:



Save Janitors’ Jobs and Fight for Immigration Reform

Dear Friends,

Our Janitors need our support!  Nearly 650 San Diego Janitors are at risk of losing their jobs because of our broken immigration system – just as we’re working on Immigration Reform.  We shouldn’t put families on the road to deportation until Congress has the opportunity to build a pathway to citizenship. Workers are asking the faith community to stand with them and pray for justice. 
So, let us pray with our feet!
Wednesday, May 15th – 12:00 p.m.
Rally at the Federal Building
880 Front Street, Downtown San Diego
Friday, April 26th – 12:00 p.m.
March and Rally
Beginning at Civic Center Plaza 
202 C Street, Downtown San Diego
Ending at the Federal Building
880 Front Street, Downtown San Diego
Limited street metered parking. 
Horton Plaza $10 for parking or free with validation. 
For more than twelve years ICWJ faith leaders have stood with our San Diego Janitors as they struggled mightily for justice in the workplace.  Join us as we stand with them to protect their jobs!

Interfaith Vigils to Support Immigrant Detainees

Join Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights

 1st Saturdays of every month:  

West County Detention Facility, 5555 Giant Highway, Richmond:

Vigil attendees at West County Detention Facility

We invite you to join our vigils this fall as we gather to pray and bear witness to the pain, suffering, and separation of immigrant detainees, and to call for real and immediate immigration reform. We invite you to join us to pray, sing, and act for just immigration solutions.  Please bring a noisemaker for our sacred Moment of Noise– where we let the detainees know that we have not forgotten them.

You can also volunteer for a shift at the Immigrant Hospitality Table we are organizing outside the detention facility to provide hospitality, helpful resources and a listening ear.   Click here to sign up:  

If you would like to be part of our Accompaniment Team working to end isolation of detained immigrants and their families, contact

Volunteers at the Hospitality Table

Why we vigil at the West County Detention Facility in Richmond


We do this to stand in solidarity with the 100-150 people being held at West County Detention Facility for deportation. We know that many have not been convicted of any “crime”, but are charged with a civil offense. We know that often the chief breadwinner is taken away putting families in economic jeopardy.  We know that S-COM’s implementation of our immigration laws makes communities less secure. SO…


We do this to call attention to our government’s deportation of a thousand people a day (409,000 FY 2012). We seek to stop this system therefore we seek to draw attention to S-com and change its policies. AND…


We do this to give moral and spiritual support to the families whose loved ones are being held here.  We know their trauma can be deep and their lives filled with fear. We seek to give practical advice and counsel on legal, medical and food and housing issues and to be a friendly face. And we also do this to provide opportunity for people directly impacted by S-com to share their truth – to give their testimony that they know they are not alone. SO TODAY….


We pray together for a just and fair immigration policy that the promise on the statue of liberty is not a sentiment only for patriotic days, but one we endorse through our actions every day. We also know that all our faith traditions call upon us to welcome strangers and aliens for they too are our sisters and brothers for once our ancestors were strangers and aliens in this land. 

For more information about immigration detention, go to: