Immigration Reform Update

An update from the National Evangelical Immigration Table:  
Your prayers are bearing fruit!  Yesterday the Senate took an important step toward passage of immigration reform legislation by approving a major expansion of border security personnel and technology, addressing a concern of many Senators.  
No bill is perfect.  The Senate bill results from bipartisan negotiations which have attempted to address many issues and concerns.  The bill was amended more than one hundred times in the Judiciary Committee, and it has been further amended on the Senate floor.  
The Congressional Budget Office estimates that immigration reform will reduce the federal deficit by $875 billion and will grow our economy by more than 5% over a twenty year period.  
The stage is now set for a final vote by the end of the week.  Each Senator must weigh all the issues and decide whether to support the bill or not.  Some Senators are genuinely undecided, while others may be weighing the political cost of doing what they know to be right.  Pray that God guides every Senator as they decide on one of the most important votes of their political career.
A strong bipartisan vote would give added momentum to reform as action moves to the House of Representatives.  Pray that Senators have wisdom and courage as they make this important decision.
In Christ,
The Evangelical Immigration Table

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