Domestic Workers Bill of Rights: Want Justice, Will Travel!

Last week, The California Domestic Worker Coalition kicked off a caravan to Sacramento to tell Jerry Brown to sign AB 241 (Ammianno,) the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights! CLUE-LA clergy joined civil rights advocates and domestic worker leaders at the LA County Federation of Labor to launch the journey with a press conference ask Jerry Brown to do the right thing and protect domestic workers.


Domestic workers care for the most precious parts of our lives – seniors, beloved children, our homes. Despite this, many domestic workers are can’t afford to feed their children, can’t afford to live in safe and secure homes, or lack the same protections and care that they provide for other elders. In fact, domestic workers are excluded from the basic wage, hour, and rest protections of federal labor law – a relic of racist and sexist compromises of our past. As one speaker mentioned, AB 241 is critical to end the “feminization of poverty” and build a movement to lift up women of color who lift up our loved ones.


CLUE-LA Ziegler Young Religious Leader Fellow Vincent Manalo, himself the nephew of a domestic worker here in Los Angeles, joined the caravan last Monday. We will continue to stand with domestic workers and fight to ensure that they’re no longer invisible under the law.

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