Voices for Justice: Who Will Speak if We Don’t?

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Featured Honoree: Christian Ramirez
Human Rights Director, Alliance San Diego
Tireless Advocate for Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Article Image Christian Ramírez was born in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Since 1994 Christian has been active on issues relating to U.S. immigration policy and its impact on families and our Southern-border communities. He has presented in both international and national gatherings on the state of human rights on the U.S.-Mexico Border. At the Alliance San Diego, Christian serves as the Director of Human Rights Programs and also staffs the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium and the Southern Border Communities Coalition.
As a national leader in the effort to enact Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Christian has led more than 15 delegations to the Capital including several meetings with the White House.  His dedication and passion for immigrants and workers is making a difference in our local communities and rippling across the nation.  Those closest to him say his dedication to his work is part of his “never-ending quest to change the world” and indeed he is changing the world. 
Join us on December 4th to honor Christian.
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