San Bernardino Urgent Action Needed!

San Bernardino Urgent Action Needed!
Wednesday, November 20th
We are a co sponsor of this important series of actions  seeking to  get a decent vote in the House of Representatives on immigration legislation. Rev. Chris Hartmire, a member of Pueblo De Fe Unido, is serving  as a spiritual advisor to Eliseo Medina, and to our local activist and friend Bobby De La Cruz, who are among the fast participants in the shadow of the US Capital on the national Mall. There are other events around Southern California on many other days and times, and you are invited to  create your own, and to pray  for a vote. The votes are there if the members are allowed by the Speaker  to vote. 
Solidarity Fast in Congressman Gary Millers’s District
Date and Time: Wednesday, November 20th, 5-6pm 
Location: St. Anthony Church, 1510 West 16th St, San Bernardino
Contact: Elena Carrasco, 909-810-3867
Description: Dozens of church members and union members who have been fasting will break their fast and pass it on to youth fasters, many of them dreamers and students. 


For more information visit: and

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