“Fair Process” Rally for Pauma Casino Workers”

Join Lisa this Saturday for the
“Fair Process” Rally for Pauma Casino Workers
Saturday, December 14, 2013
11 am – 1 pm
Corner of Highway 76 and Pauma Reservation Road, Pauma Valley 
We are arranging carpool’s from:
ICWJ’s Central San Diego office (3758 30th Street, San Diego) and
the Park and Ride in Vista (871 North Broadway, Escondido)
Please connect with Lisa to make carpool arrangements:

Over the past several months, workers at the Pauma Casino in the Pauma Valley have been organizing for a fair process to address low wages, poor working conditions, and to have a voice on the job.   Over many months the workers, together with their union organizers, overcame their fear of retaliation and intimidation by management.   Last month, accompanied by clergy and labor supporters, the workers delivered a petition to the Tribal management that was signed by more than 120 courageous souls.  Two weeks later, the petition arrived at our ICWJ office in its original package with a note from the Tribal management that read, “unopened and unread”.  Imagine the courage it took for those hundred plus workers to approach their management asking for a voice on the job and the management didn’t even give them the respect or common courtesy of acknowledging their communication.  The resolve of the employees is strong and they are determined to win their campaign.  This Saturday workers will rally outside of the casino and they invite us to join them.
Connect directly with Lisa to make arrangements for carpooling.

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