Recycling workers fired this week (I-9 audit); 3/12 Rally set. + Sat. Vigil highlights


“Spirit of Life, You who are known by many names, we pray for justice for all who suffer under our immigration system.  We pray that those who make decisions in our government, and those in law enforcement, will act with wisdom and compassion.  We pray for reform in the immigration system so that no one will have to risk their lives in search of a better life, or live in the shadows in order to reach for what we all want – education and opportunities for our children; work with dignity and for a fair wage; living in safety and community.   We pray that our undocumented sisters and brothers will not lose hope.  And we pray for ourselves, that we will continue the work for justice which our faith calls us to do.  
May it be so, and amen.”  – Natalie da Silva (Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley)
Another Bay Area “silent raid.”
175-200 immigrant workers unjustly fired this week. 
Unfortunately, despite phone calls and community attempts to pursuade ICE and the company to delay the unjust firings, until their wage theft claim was resolved, up to 40 recycling workers at Alameda County Industries were called in this week and have been told they no longer have a job.  Many of them are immigrant women and had been working at the company for 7-15 years, making $8.30 an hour sorting recyclables.  The workers had recently filed suit that the company was not complying with San Leandro’s Living Wage of $14.17/hour.   They are part of what we believe are 175 to 200 workers in the East Bay forcibly fired this week because of an ICE enforcement tool, an I-9 Audit,  on “Select”, a temporary worker agency. 
We do not want to let this painful injustice go unnoticed.  Please join us for a time of prayer and solidarity at a community rally with the unjustly fired workers.  Many of the workers are very brave mothers who have spoken out for dignity on the job and who need our encouragement and moral support.
Not One more Unjust Firing!  Join us for Prayer, Solidarity and Protest
Wednesday, March 12, at 1 PM 
Alameda County Industries, 610 Aladdin Ave., San Leandro 
Next Month’s Vigil:  “2 Million Too Many”
will take place in San Francisco (not Richmond)
Next month’s Vigil will be the 3rd Anniversary of our monthly vigil and it falls on the
2 Million Too Many National Day of Action organized by the Not One More Deportation Campaign, marking the 2,000,000th deportation since President Obama took office.
Because of this, we will be holding April’s (April 5th) vigil in San Francisco (most likely at the Federal Building – close to BART).
Please mark your calendars.  More details coming soon!

Last Saturday’s Vigil: Record Turnout of 125!

Many thanks to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley and the many different congregations and communities who gathered last Saturday.   There was beautiful ritual, moving 
testimonies from several families in CCISCO, and a drum corp!   (Below you will find some photos and inspirational words that were shared.)
“We have been here for 35 months.  Sadly, we still need to be here.  But our presence has grown in numbers, and in our outreach to those in detention and their loved ones. We are here to bear witness to the suffering of those in detention, and their loved ones.  And to make sure that their circumstances are visible, and their stories heard.  And we are here to offer hope.  We know that through raising our voices, individuals have been released, and reunited with their families.  
Others have received legal help.  
Loved ones on the outside have received emergency assistance. We know that record numbers of aspiring Americans have been deported in recent years as a result of our unjust immigration system.  Families are left without a provider; children are left without a mother or father.  But we will not let these individuals go un-named.  Those on the inside know we are here.  We tell them with our presence that they are not forgotten; that someone cares.”
Here are some photos from last Saturday’s Vigil:




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