San Diego Labor Seder

Hosted by Interfaith Center for Worker Justice of San Diego County &
Kensington Community Church
We take note that this struggle for human freedom did not end with that Exodus.
We come together to recognize that there are immigrants in our midst who
struggle every day for dignity and freedom in their work and in their lives as a whole. 

“The way to the Promised Land
is through the wilderness. 
There is no way to get there except by joining together and marching

Kensington Community Church

4773 Marlborough Drive
San Diego, CA  92116

Street parking is available.
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Suggested donation of $10
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Saturday Vigil this Saturday Also Action in SF this Friday to Stop Deportations


Join us for our Monthly Vigil in Support of Immigrant Detainees and Join the Two Million Too Many Campaign to Stop the Deportations!
Vigil in Support of Immigrant Detainees 
“No Turning Back from Justice”
Saturday, April 5th
11 am – 12 noon @ West County Detention Facility 5555 Giant Highway, Richmond, CA.

Join us this coming Saturday April 5th for our monthly vigil at WCDF where Way of Grace Fellowship will lead us with beautiful music by the Women’s Choir at Way of Grace led by Rev. Tita Valeriano.
There will be testimonies and elements of a “Stations of Deportations” devotion as a parallel to the Christian Lenten practice of the Stations of the Cross, where we will go through the stages an individual goes through in removal proceedings and pray for healing and for these unjust deportations to stop.
Also, join us Friday April 4 in San Francisco for a Community Wide Action to Stop the Deportations!
Obama: End the deportations! Legalization and worker’s right for all!
Friday April 4th
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
1 Post Street – Montgomery BART Station, San Francisco.


In April 2014 we will be at 2 million deportations marks since the beginning of the mass deportation programs promoted by president’s Obama administration a record in history!Through this crisis, our community has stood up to denounce the deportations and to demand to put a stop to deportation programs and for legalization. April 5th is a National Mobilization day with one clear demand: “Obama: STOP all deportations, legalization for all!”
We will be joining the rest of the country with a rally on April 4th at 11am at 1 Post SF!
We will be highlighting the stories of families and workers who have been affected by the deportation  machine, e-verify and I–9 Audits!
Come join us in demanding  #NotOneMore #Legalization4all #workersrighst4all
Please RSVP and promote the event on Facebook here.
You can find the flyer for this event here in English and Spanish.
Let us know if you are coming to be part of our religious contingent by emailing Rev. Deborah Lee @ or Daniel Pinell @

Raise Up San Diego Meets This Evening!

Fantastic educational program about Earned Sick Days  and Minimum Wage Increase will be presented. Rabbi Laurie hopes to see you there!

Raise Up San Diego Coalition Meeting

Join the coalition leading the struggle for
Earned Sick Days and a Minimum Wage Increase

The Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee (EDIRC) for the San Diego City Council expects to take up this important issue on Monday, March 24th.  The coalition will be coming together to prepare for the meeting. 


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

UDW Community Hall

4855 Seminole Drive

San Diego, CA 92115

  • Come and learn about the earned sick/minimum wage proposal.
  • Sign-up to join the coalition.
  • Participate in the committees that will help bring about earned sick days and minimum wage.

All are welcomed to attend!

For more information call Elizabeth Maldonado Robinson at
619-573-4654 or



Recycling workers fired this week (I-9 audit); 3/12 Rally set. + Sat. Vigil highlights


“Spirit of Life, You who are known by many names, we pray for justice for all who suffer under our immigration system.  We pray that those who make decisions in our government, and those in law enforcement, will act with wisdom and compassion.  We pray for reform in the immigration system so that no one will have to risk their lives in search of a better life, or live in the shadows in order to reach for what we all want – education and opportunities for our children; work with dignity and for a fair wage; living in safety and community.   We pray that our undocumented sisters and brothers will not lose hope.  And we pray for ourselves, that we will continue the work for justice which our faith calls us to do.  
May it be so, and amen.”  – Natalie da Silva (Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley)
Another Bay Area “silent raid.”
175-200 immigrant workers unjustly fired this week. 
Unfortunately, despite phone calls and community attempts to pursuade ICE and the company to delay the unjust firings, until their wage theft claim was resolved, up to 40 recycling workers at Alameda County Industries were called in this week and have been told they no longer have a job.  Many of them are immigrant women and had been working at the company for 7-15 years, making $8.30 an hour sorting recyclables.  The workers had recently filed suit that the company was not complying with San Leandro’s Living Wage of $14.17/hour.   They are part of what we believe are 175 to 200 workers in the East Bay forcibly fired this week because of an ICE enforcement tool, an I-9 Audit,  on “Select”, a temporary worker agency. 
We do not want to let this painful injustice go unnoticed.  Please join us for a time of prayer and solidarity at a community rally with the unjustly fired workers.  Many of the workers are very brave mothers who have spoken out for dignity on the job and who need our encouragement and moral support.
Not One more Unjust Firing!  Join us for Prayer, Solidarity and Protest
Wednesday, March 12, at 1 PM 
Alameda County Industries, 610 Aladdin Ave., San Leandro 
Next Month’s Vigil:  “2 Million Too Many”
will take place in San Francisco (not Richmond)
Next month’s Vigil will be the 3rd Anniversary of our monthly vigil and it falls on the
2 Million Too Many National Day of Action organized by the Not One More Deportation Campaign, marking the 2,000,000th deportation since President Obama took office.
Because of this, we will be holding April’s (April 5th) vigil in San Francisco (most likely at the Federal Building – close to BART).
Please mark your calendars.  More details coming soon!

Last Saturday’s Vigil: Record Turnout of 125!

Many thanks to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley and the many different congregations and communities who gathered last Saturday.   There was beautiful ritual, moving 
testimonies from several families in CCISCO, and a drum corp!   (Below you will find some photos and inspirational words that were shared.)
“We have been here for 35 months.  Sadly, we still need to be here.  But our presence has grown in numbers, and in our outreach to those in detention and their loved ones. We are here to bear witness to the suffering of those in detention, and their loved ones.  And to make sure that their circumstances are visible, and their stories heard.  And we are here to offer hope.  We know that through raising our voices, individuals have been released, and reunited with their families.  
Others have received legal help.  
Loved ones on the outside have received emergency assistance. We know that record numbers of aspiring Americans have been deported in recent years as a result of our unjust immigration system.  Families are left without a provider; children are left without a mother or father.  But we will not let these individuals go un-named.  Those on the inside know we are here.  We tell them with our presence that they are not forgotten; that someone cares.”
Here are some photos from last Saturday’s Vigil:



New Protections for Workers and Families..

New Protections for Workers and Families…


The worker’s rights movement did not wait for congress to act-Our coalitions, led by the California labor movement, many faith-rooted allies and many advocacy groups,  won major new protections for workers and their families, especially for immigrants. Pueblo De Fe Unido with your support worked hard for this list of victories within that broad coalition. Here are some laws new on the books, passed by the legislature and signed by governor Jerry Brown. Now we must struggle to educate people about these protections and resist the forces that will try to block and defeat enforcement. 

  •  Assembly Bill 10 (“AB 10”) increases the minimum wage from $8 to $9 an hour effective July 1, 2014, and to $10 an hour as of January 1, 2016. This marks the first increase to California’s minimum wage law since 2008. For workers required to supply their own tools, minimum wage from $16 now to $18 in 2014 and $20 in 2016.
  •  AB 4 , the Trust Act, prohibits state and local law enforcement from detaining people for the purpose of  delivering them to federal “ICE” immigration detention unless they have committed serious crimes.
  •  AB 60  will allow undocumented Californians to apply for a driver’s license starting in 2016.
  • AB 241 requires that domestic workers be paid overtime (one and a half times regular hourly pay for every hour after 9 in a day or 45 in a week.)
  •  AB 263 prohibits employers to use immigration-related threats and document re-checks to retaliate against workers for exercising their rights. The penalties include $10,000 fines and the possibility a court will suspend the offender’s business license.
  •  AB 524 defines turning a person in to immigration authorities in order to get away with wage theft as criminal extortion.   
  •  SB 666 prohibits employers or lawyers  from threats of reporting immigration status of a worker or family member in retaliation for the worker exercising labor rights or in retaliation for testifying before any public body. 
  • Senate Bill  435  (“SB 435”) Requires paid “recovery periods” to cool down from extreme heat stress.  
  •  AB 1195 Allows every crime victim to access the police report, regardless of immigration status.
  •  AB 35 prevents unqualified unaccredited persons from charging fees for filing an application for deferred action (for dreamers) and AB 1159 prevents immigration lawyers and consultants from charging for services related to the immigration reform proposals  that are not yet law.
  • SB 141 allows US citizen children, living abroad because a parent was deported from California, to gain eligibility for in-state tuition.
  • SB 150 Allows some high school students to pay in-state tuition while attending community college classes.

Meanwhile there is so much more legislative work to do on comprehensive immigration reform and so much more, but let us celebrate and implement these victories.

InGathering Keynote Speakers: Daniel Flaming and Ched Myers

InGathering Keynote Speakers: Daniel Flaming and Ched Myers
We are pleased to announce our two keynote speakers for CLUE-LA’s upcoming InGathering: Daniel Flaming and Rev. Ched Myers. They will address the many ways workers struggle for dignity and fair wages in their jobs and the critical need for a robust living wage, both locally and throughout the nation.  Daniel Flaming will present findings from the Los Angeles Economic Roundtable, while Rev. Ched Myers will lead an in-depth text study surrounding economic principles from a Christian perspective. We will also hear from local worker leaders in the midst of the struggle to change the LA economy.

Sign up now!

Daniel Flaming is President of the Los Angeles Economic Roundtable, a non-profit organization which conducts economic, social and environmental research that contributes to the sustainability of individuals and communities.  Daniel has led more than 40 major research projects at the Economic Roundtable including most recently four projects documenting the case for raising wages for the working-poor labor force. 

Rev. Ched Myers is an activist theologian, biblical scholar and popular educator. Widely known for his work surrounding what he has termed “Sabbath Economics,” for thirty years he has both challenged and encouraged Christians to engage in peace and justice work, engaging in radical discipleship. 

Please join us at Holman United Methodist Church for a morning of learning and shared dialogue together with tools for congregational engagement. An opportunity for taking action will immediately follow the event.

Delicious lunch with vegetarian and kosher options provided for $15; please contact us if you have any questions.  After you register for the event, you will be taken to a page to allow you to pay in advance for the lunch.
Thank you!
Rabbi Jonathan, Pastor Bridie, and the Entire CLUE-LA Staff and Board

February 25, 2014 at 11am – 1pm
Holman United Methodist Church
3320 W Adams Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90018
United States
Google map and directions
Rabbi Jonathan Klein ·
Pamela Hope

Lunch and Learns at ICWJ! Bring your Lunch and Inquisitive Mind!

 Meet at our
NEW Office:
3758 30th Street
San Diego, CA 92104
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All Are Welcome!
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“The only thing better than education is
more education”
Agnes E. Benedict

Winter Session:
Faith and Social Justice in Diverse Traditions
Tuesdays 12:00 p.m.  – 1:30 p.m.
March 4, 2014 through April 1, 2014
Protestant and Evangelical Christianity
Reverend J. Lee Hill, Jr. and Reverend Wayne Riggs
March 4
Sister Justine Church, MMS
March 11
Imam Taha Hassane
March 18
Rabbi Laurie Coskey
March 25
Unitarian Universalism
Reverend Dr. Beth A. Johnson
April 1
Spring Session:
What you always wanted to know about Labor
Tuesdays 12:00 p.m.  – 1:30 p.m.
May 6, 2014 through May 27, 2014
A Snapshot of the U.S. Labor Movement
Kelly Mayhew and Jim Miller
May 6
San Diego Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow:
A Panel of Labor Leaders
Panelists: Virginia Cobb, Brigette Browning, and Richard Barrera
May 13
Let’s talk about Contracts, Neutrality, and
Project Labor Agreements
Instructors: Mickey Kasparian and Murtaza Buxamusa, Ph.D.
May 20
Field Trip to the Electricians Training Facility –
What it takes to become a Journeyman
Johnny Simpson and IBEW staff
May 27
                                                            Fall Session: Changemakers and Changemaking
Classes include:  Theories of Community Organizing • Facts Matter •
Boots on the Ground: A panel of Changemakers • Looking Forward in Policy Making and Change Making
                                           Changemaker teachers for this great series  will be announced in the Spring.